When you give, hope marches on Image

When you give, hope marches on

With your help, The Salvation Army helps those impacted by pandemic poverty stay in their homes

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The Salvation Army Starts Giving Season 100 Days Before Christmas

With the resurgence of the pandemic and just 100 days until Christmas, the organization is digging in for another challenging season of need. As millions of people continue to struggle with the impacts of pandemic poverty, The Salvation Army is calling on everyone to help individuals and families overcome the threat of eviction amid the holiday season.

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Commissioner Kenneth Hodder Speaks About Eviction Prevention on BNC

The Salvation Army Focuses on Housing Crisis Caused by COVID-19

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The Salvation Army Braces for a Potential New Wave of Homelessness

Studies show that it can be three times more expensive to help a family get back into housing than it is to keep them housed in the first place, but after more than a year marred by job and income loss, this week marks a new, worrisome milestone in the road to recovery.

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When the road is steep. When bills are past due. When there’s not enough to eat. Through it all, they find a way. Families comprise the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population. But despite all that is against them – they find a way. And this year, some of America’s hardest-working families are in danger of losing their homes. But thanks to you, Hope Marches On.